History & Mission Smart Logistics International

History & Mission

Found in 2014, Smart Logistics International LLC began as a transportation company with its own fleet and rendered domestic cargo transportation services in Russia. Seeing positive feedback from customers and receiving requests for a wider scope of work, the company board in 2016 embarked on active development of multimodal transport. Since then, the company not just organizes end-to-end transportation with the use of every possible means of transport, but advises customers on logistics before, during, and after completing the order.

In 2020, the company has extensively analyzed and reorganized the internal workflows with the use of state-of-the-art solutions. This modernization helped the company maintain the highest quality of services regardless of the scope of work, and timely adapt to the evolving market environment.

The upgraded workflows proved efficient in 2022, when the company managed to offer its customers a set of solutions to ensure uninterrupted shipment. Among the key events of 2022 are procurement of container equipment (40HC, high payload) in spring, the company’s office in Turkey starting its work in summer 2022. Today, the company not just offers end-to-end logistic support but also acts as a sales agent selling and purchasing goods through Turkey.

To deliver on the projects of any complexity and maintain a personalized approach to every client, the company is introducing proprietary training programs to grow staff expertise. The company currently has a staff of about 40 employees. Every employee is a valuable member of our close-knit team.

With a streamlined long- and short-term planning system, sustainable workflows, and one-of-a-kind expert team, we stick with our development strategy to become the best at what we do!

Portfolio of major projects
Handling of large equipment
Organization of a launching project for complex large-tonnage cargo (weighing more than 200 tons) in the seaport of St. Petersburg with subsequent shipment by rail in 2021-2022.
Transportation of tower cranes from China to Russia
Organization of multimodal transportation of tower cranes from the warehouse of the manufacturing plant in China to the destination in the Russian Federation in 2018.
Sea transportation with chartering of a whole bulk carrier
Organization of sea freight from the port of the Russian Federation to the port of Italy on a vessel with a deadweight of 9400 tons in June 2022
Multimodal transportation of oversized cargo
Door transportation from the warehouse of the manufacturing plant through the port of St. Petersburg to the seaport in China of several items of oversized cargo for the Chinese NPP in 2020
Full charter of a bulk carrier for export to Israel
Organization of sea freight from the port of the Russian Federation to the port of Israel on a vessel with a deadweight of 6336 tons in June 2022
Multimodal transportation of gas turbine units for the Pestsovoye field
Transportation on a fully chartered vessel from the port of Rotterdam to the port of St. Petersburg, followed by trucking across the Russian Federation to the destination in 2021
Multimodal transportation of passenger boarding bridges for Volgograd airport
Door transportation using several modes of transport (road and sea) from the warehouse of the manufacturing plant in China to Volgograd airport in 2021
Sea freight grain to Cuba
Sea transportation of 19,520 tons of wheat from the port of Novorossiysk to the port of Havana on a fully chartered bulk carrier with a deadweight of 32,000 tons in 2022
Railway transportation of new wagons for export
Organization of delivery of more than 200 new tank cars from the Russian Federation to Latvia and Kazakhstan in 2021-2022.
Air Freight for Cuba
Organization of dispatch of 5 aircraft with more than 83 tons of cargo to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in December 2021.